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What is Annie’s Place?

Annie’s Place is a childcare center located on the Parkland Hospital Campus that is free of cost to patients while they receive medical treatment. Annie’s Place is run by the non-profit organization Mommies In Need. While the organization is called Mommies In Need, care is available to any parent, guardian, or foster parent who needs childcare to attend a medical appointment. All services from Mommies In Need are provided at no cost to our families and supported by generous donations from our community.

Annie’s Place Provides:

  • Free childcare for children ages 0-6 years old with limited availability for older children
  • Specially trained bilingual teachers and staff, including social workers and play therapists who can help children cope with a parent’s health crisis
  • Comprehensive, research-based curriculum that is offered in both English and Spanish
  • Multiple classrooms and indoor play areas, separated by age
  • Healthy snacks and a hot lunch
  • Diapers
  • Formula or breast milk can be stored on-site for bottle-fed children; formula can be provided for children who do not bring their own
  • Play Therapy if needed to help children cope with a parent's health crisis


Where is Annie’s Place?

2131 Butler Street Dallas, TX 75235

Please note: There is no parking on site, Annie’s place is strictly a drop-off center

  • Annie’s Place is open Monday - Friday from 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM. Parents must have an appointment with us to drop off. Annie’s Place is a year-round program. We will be closed for observance of national holidays.
  • Childcare appointments are offered to families at no cost.
  • If you have an appointment made for your child and you cannot attend for some reason that day, please call us as soon as possible to cancel so we may offer the service to another family that day. If you continue to cancel without notification, we will discontinue offering our service.
  • We can offer same day drop off appointments based on classroom availability by age and time of day. Please call the front office at 214-266-8064 to check availability before showing up. We cannot accept same day drop off appointments after 2:00 PM.

Get in Touch

Phone: 214.266.8064
Fax: 214.266.8083

How can I enroll?

Drop form for electronic enrollment:
Learn more in our Parent Handbook
Go to our website:

Do you have other programs available?

Mommies In Need also offers several other programs available to families who are experiencing a health crisis in the Dallas area as well as a virtual program that is available nationally. To learn more about these programs, please visit:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer same-day appointments? Do I need to call ahead of time?
We can offer same day drop off appointments based on classroom availability by age and time of day. Please call the front office at 214-266-8064 to check availability before showing up. We cannot accept same day drop off appointments after 2:00 PM.
What are the costs of your programs?
Childcare appointments are offered at no cost to our families.
What do I need to bring?
Infants/Toddlers: If your child is on a specific formula and prefers a certain type of bottle, please provide enough for the allotted time. We have freezers and refrigerators to store any breast milk if needed. Please LABEL EVERYTHING. Otherwise, we have formula and bottles available for use.

A private room for mothers who wish to breastfeed their child during the school day is available just outside the nutrition room. A foot stool and water are available upon request.

Annie’s Place will provide diapers, wipes and a change of clothes if needed that day.

18 months and above:

Children are asked not to bring toys from home to reduce the chance that they get lost. Annie’s Place will provide all food, diapers and supplies needed for the day. We suggest not bringing anything from home to reduce the chance of items getting lost.
Do you provide snacks and lunches?
Annie’s Place will provide up to 2 snacks and 1 meal, equal to ½ of their daily food needs. When and how long your child is in attendance that day will determine the food they are offered. We will not serve any food identified on a child’s food allergy emergency plan in the classroom.
What should my child wear?
Children are engaged in various activities during the day, some of which can be messy. Please make sure your child is dressed in comfortable, “it’s okay to get dirty” clothing.
Are you a licensed program?
Yes, Annie’s Place is licensed and follows the best policies and procedures set forth by the State of Texas and we follow their Minimum Standards for Childcare Centers. A copy of the Minimum Standards is available in the intake office or may be found at
The most recent licensing report is posted outside in the foyer.
How to qualify?
This childcare is available to patients who are receiving medical treatment. Enrollment requires either a referral from your care team at Parkland or you may apply on our website. Once you are referred or fill out an enrollment form, a staff member from Annie’s Place will contact you to schedule your children’s visits.


“Excelente lugar para los niños todo muy limpio y todo el personal muy amable. Muchas gracias por cuidar a mi Bebe”
“Great place for kids all very clean and all staff very friendly. Thank you so much for taking care of my Baby”

“Excelente atención”
“Excellent service”

“Su servicio es admirable. Fueron muy atentos tanto con mi hija como conmigo, me hicieron sentir tranquila en mi cita médica. Solo me queda agradecerles.”
“Their service is admirable. They were very attentive to both my daughter and me, they made me feel calm at my doctor’s appointment. It only remains for me to thank you.”

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