Questions to ask your provider

  • About the Clinical Study
    • What do researchers hope to learn and who might benefit from it?
    • Will any of the groups receive a placebo or an inactive treatment?
    • How will the findings of the research be shared?
    • When is the study expected to be completed?
  • About Possible Risks and Benefits
    • What are the risks of the research intervention? Does the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approve or oversee the intervention?
    • What are the short- or long-term risks, discomforts, or unpleasant side effects?
    • How will my care team minimize risks, discomforts, or unpleasant side effects?
    • How might I benefit from participating in the research?
  • About Participation and Care
    • Why am I, specifically, being asked to participate?
    • What is my role? What kind of medications, procedures, or tests would be done?
    • Will I have to go anywhere outside of Parkland to participate in the study?
    • If I decide not to participate, would this decision affect my current medical care?
    • How would being in this study affect my daily life?

Questions to ask your Research Navigator

  • About Costs and Compensation
    • Will I have to pay to participate in the clinical trial?
    • Do clinical studies bill insurance?
    • Who can help answer any questions from my insurance company or health plan?
    • Will there be any travel or childcare costs that I need to consider while I am in the trial?
  • About Privacy and Confidentiality
    • Will my Personal Health Information (PHI) be shared and protected?

Additional Resources