Nurse Navigators

What Is a Nurse Navigator?

Your Nurse Navigator will provide support for you and your family with guidance throughout your cancer journey.

Navigators will help you with the following:

  • Understanding your diagnosis, treatment options, and follow-up survivorship plans
  • Connecting you with support services, such as finances, clinical trials, transportation, and more
  • Assisting communication between you and your healthcare team
  • Providing education about your care
  • Serving as an emotional support for your personal milestones

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I ask my nurse navigator?
You may address all concerns. Your nurse navigator is your primary point of contact.
Will I have additional charges to see a nurse navigator?
No, the nurse navigator is included in your care plan.
Will they be at every appointment?
No, they will not be present at every appointment, but they can be available as needed.
How often will my navigator be in touch with me?
Your nurse navigator will provide you with their business card at your first meeting and establish regular communication throughout your cancer journey.
When can I contact my navigator?
You may contact your nurse navigator during normal business hours Monday-Friday. If you need to reach someone after hours, you may leave a voicemail for your nurse navigator, and they will get back to you as soon as possible.
When will I get connected with a nurse navigator?
A nurse navigator will attend your provider appointment or speak with you on the phone after you are diagnosed.