Research Navigation

What is a Research Navigator?

At Research Navigator is the first point of contact between the patient, their family, and the research study. The Research Navigator helps you enroll in a clinical trial and continues to help you throughout the length of the clinical trial. Your Research Navigator will help you with...

  • Understanding the clinical trials you can take part in
  • Enrolling in a clinical trial
  • Making sure all your questions are answered before you decide to participate in any trials
  • Understanding your treatment plan and possible outcomes
  • Navigating different health care systems
  • Communicating with your providers
  • Scheduling your appointments
  • Connecting you with support services (transportation help, financial services)

Meet your Research Navigator

UT Southwestern’s Clinical Research Office in Parkland has a Research Patient Navigator whose main job is to help with patient-centered care that is compassionate, appropriate, and effective for all patients.

Fabian Robles is our Research Navigator with more than 15 years of healthcare experience. He is nationally certified in English and Spanish and fluent in many other languages.

He will help to bring you confidence in being a part of a clinical trial.