McKesson Volunteers Pack Uplift Kits

McKesson Volunteers Pack Uplift Kits

Uplifting Parkland Oncology Patients

Receiving a diagnosis of cancer can cause many different emotions for patients, including fear and sadness. To help provide some hope during this difficult time, Uplift Kits were created to provide tangible forms of comfort, encouragement, and support.

It is not just the Cancer Program that recognizes the importance of these for our patients but also our community and corporate partners. With the help of the Parkland Foundation, the Cancer Program was able to lead volunteers from the McKesson Corporation in packing 100 Uplift Kits and hand-writing notes of encouragement. “A cancer diagnosis shouldn’t make the patient feel helpless, which is why hope is one of the core values within Parkland’s Cancer Program,” said Umber Dickerson, the Cancer Program Administrative Director. “The contents of our Uplift Kits will help give our patients hope through their journey.”

The kits include a blanket and fuzzy non-slip socks to help keep warm during long infusion treatments, a journal to write notes or questions from their appointments or how they are feeling while going through their journey, a plastic insulated tumbler with a straw to stay hydrated, and avoid any metal taste in their mouth, Lemonheads to help with taste changes, a hand-written encouragement card and an insulated bag for snacks and food.

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