Make an Appointment

Are you already a Parkland patient?

If you are a patient of Parkland Health but need to be seen at our clinics. Please talk to your Parkland provider (this could be your primary care provider) about getting referral into our clinics.

Once a referral is placed to our clinics, our referral coordinators will get schedule your appointment and notify you.

Are you already a patient of the Parkland cancer clinics?

If you have been seen in our clinics within the past year and need an appointment, please send a MyChart message to your nurse and provider.

You can also contact our clinics directly at 214-590-5582.

Are you new to Parkland Health and the Cancer clinics?

If you are not a patient of Parkland Health and need to be seen within our clinics, please talk to your provider about sending a referral to our clinics

Your provider can find the outside referral form here.

Click here for outside referrals.

If you are unsure if you need to be seen within our clinics or elsewhere, call Parkland’s Patient Access Center:

Patient Access Center